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    Tiger a horrible human being


    He is the most selfish of all athletes. He has been a prima donna his whole life. The one thing a scrawney VC couldn't get was a woman. Especially a white one...that is untill he had like 800 million...Now he thinks he is a real man. Kurt has gotten better looking women just throwing around $5 bills to strippers. Tiger has spent millions to get these skanks.
    He showed his true colors when he skipped Payne's funeral. He shows his true colors skipping the par 3's..he showed his true colors when he just stood there as a dozen Zombies moved a huge boulder because it was "in his way".
    What the pervert really wants to say Friday is "all of you can go %$@& yourselves. Elin too. I am God. Nike and Zombiers made me God. I can do what i want. I'll get a dozen more ho's when the smoke clears.What a loser. I can't wait until someone shoves a pie in his ugly face.

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