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  • Huessein has written a few novellas himself. And enough with Emanuels phony Alaskan lawsuits. Sarah knew to get out. Had she stayed than Huesseins plan to rid her would have worked. She is too smart for them. Now she is EVERYWHERE!. Commenting on EVERYTHING! And the people of Alaska never had it so good. She took big oils hidden profits and sent checks to her fellow Alaskans.
    As for the BUSH angle (gee, it didnt take thjvc long to mention Bush. Him and Huessein are like peas in a pod about Bush) But as for Bush, when at war there is nobody better. The Bushes know how to deal with enemy's. Through strength. THEY DO NOT BOW AND APOLOGIZE. The Bushes learned early, you dont talk to your enemy's. YOU DESTROY THEM!

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    • i guess if you count being good at war as killing americans. then bush is next to none when counting only americans ..

    • bush knows about war ? he attacked iraq under false info .. he allowed iran to develope nuke and north korea all before obama even announced his bid for president .. he didn't even come close to find osama ..

      he allowed the worst terrorist this country ever seen . and then responded by not even coming close to bring those responsible to justice ..

      alaska gave out check well before palin arrived she just managed to cash in alot more than most .

      #1 abuser of earmarks even under palin (road to nowhere )
      #1 suicide rate
      #1 alcohilic rate
      #1 un employment rate

      and after palin add ethic violation .. tax fraud .. allow her husband to much access to her title

      and she bails on them ..


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