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  • dallasclint dallasclint Feb 11, 2010 2:44 AM Flag


    Kurt, are you kidding me?! If not...please let me know when professor Palin plans to unveil her next "deliberate", "on purpose" "trap" to our great nation. I'm sure we can all learn from this brilliant tea bagger (or whatever they call themselves). She certainly did a superb job of teaching us abstinence.
    As for Fox Noise being the only "true news station..." OMG! do some fact checking dude. By the way, pundits aren't required (or encouraged, obviously) to report the facts. Their job is to get narrow-minded, bigoted fanatics (HELLO? 'ring a bell?!) to repeat their propaganda. Oooops! it looks like somebody fell into their 'trap'.
    And if you're going to use a person's middle name to address him/her, at least spell it correctly. Can we address you by your middle name...Delbert?
    I thought this board was supposed to be about golf.

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