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  • ICE® ICE® Feb 6, 2010 10:45 PM Flag

    WTF was UFC thinking

    Dead nuts right Gorilla!! Who gives a shit how old these two are...they are legends and this scrape was suppose to play out decades ago when the two went their seperate ways. I'm not coughing up an cash for the event and never have too...but if I were in the area I would make a point of going to watch this historical bout and pay for the live ticket price. These two were breaking limbs and skulls when most of you were wetting your pants. I've followed this sport and more importantly the UFC since it was outlawed virtually everywhere and Dana White still had hair. Few fighters in history could carry these guys stanky jock straps and only a follower with some investment in this game would know the difference between these two and say a punk like Nate Diaz....He's a Movie of the week Baby like most who will come and go. Good call Killrillla. LOL.


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