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  • Stephen H Stephen H Jan 24, 2010 7:48 PM Flag

    Yahoo Fantasy Golf Lame.

    I am in the 99th precentile and keeping very close track of things and I can't even put in changes from round to round. How hard is this? So dissapointing. Went in 10 times to try and bench Rose and start Weir and couldn't do it - lost 14 points. Now it says we can't do anything until tee times are announced for round 5. So stupid. I should be able to change round 5 at anytime other than after the round starts. Come on Yahoo - get this figured out. There will be more rain delays by the way.

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    • Yahoo has has their fair share of issues over the years but usually get them worked out eventually.

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    • unbelievable!
      Me and my group members changed our lineup last night at 11:00 pm, and they didnt show in the tournament lost 12 fckn points

    • I know this fanasy golf sucks, I've got tim Clark on my bench and now i can't even get him in my line up this is a bunch of BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!

    • Its very evident that the people complaining about the Bob Hope 5 round format haven't been playing the Yahoo Fantasy Golf game long. Anyone who knows anything about golf knows that the Bob Hope is 5 rounds..and that Yahoo has to jump through hoops for whiny people such as yourself. The only way you couldn't make your picks is because you did something wrong..how can millions of us do it correctly and a small percentage say that its screwed up. The answer to that question is pretty clear. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YAHOO TELLS YOU...IT IS USUALLY RIGHT BELOW YOUR PLAYERS AND ABOVE WHERE THERE SCORE IS KEPT! I end up writing this same message every year..but it doesn't seem to get through to some people.


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      • I'm glad someone finally said it.
        Hope you don't mind if I add to your thread.

        1st it's free fantasy golf with prizes awarded, pretty sweet. 4 a freebie. don't hear any whining about that.

        2nd stop pointing fingers and telling what Yahoo should do.
        Don't like it, it's a free country,Quit and start your own league... I can only hear crickets on that suggestion.

        3rd Don't blame some else for your failure to execute properly.
        That is straight up chicken bleep.

        4th Every player on a fantasy site as big as this,run into difficulties,it all evens out.

        5th Be your mommies big boy,and play nice.

        6th If you don't like what I posted,it's probably because you're a whiner...

        BTW I excluded the ladies , because it's their god given right to complain.

        It's just a game,not life or death.

      • youre wrong. i couldnt change my round 4 lineup saturday nite, or sunday morning. i wasnt going to sit at my computer and hit refresh until the problem was fixed. yes, the Hope has 5 rounds, but that isnt the problem. but really, who cares? its just golf. no big deal.

    • Yahoo should make all rounds of the Bob Hope free picks after the fact. Only fair thing to do since soooo many couldn't do what they wanted. Open it up to change all 4 previous rounds. Come on Yahoo.


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