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  • MoToR MoToR Jan 20, 2010 6:52 PM Flag



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    • when did I EVER SAY..I was gonna tell on anyone?..that is crazy and I never said it!
      and I only said to the "others" that the Golf board was dribble, and you couldn't understand half of the crap..but I did tell him [MoToR] that HE was called out..since a topic thread showed up with his name on it!

      so someone that decided to call out my friend..obviously is familiar with him..therefore he is a hypocrite who is ALSO a nascar fan as well as golf...i mean, after all, they are both equally as boring!

    • insulting it the truth you were threatening to tell on people .. and you also tried getting you possi here motor told us as much

      don't take it personally .. i think you fit in here better than motor .. you can blend into the banter better motor needs to feel important or he goes crazy .

      nothing personal if you told me my spelling suck i wouldn't cry about it ..

    • a spineless tattle tale?..are you kidding did you get reported and assume that it was me?..

      such a shame..I have been here too long to stoop to that level!

      rockon dummy..I have other things to worry about than senseless name calling!

      and that is all it has been since I have been to this board..


      what are any of you getting out of insulting another person?..Dikwads..Im not leaving!!

      Swampa$$ can kiss the tip of my Dik


    • I think the spam is a way of trying to get your passwords. I don't read anything if i don't know them. Hell i don't even use any of my e-mail accounts. why they might be gone before I check them. LOL.


    • well he comes here so it is, just like it's your's. If I make him mad, well just add him too the list. LOL. Lets see theirs joaniereb, THE FAMILY (lmao. talk about ego). Hell I'm not going to write everyone down. I'd be here all night, just put swami on there somewhere. LOL.


    • everyone plays the game different.

      I'll admit though I am use to our board. (yes i consider it my board, it's where I go) . You guys would draw more attention (over there) then I am (here). Although I don't cast a line in the water for them either.


    • the jokes on your thier post are not meant as anything but mindless drivvel ..

      swamo is already jealous .. he thinks this is his board.. crazy thought right

    • Well like I said before, I'm just a product of it. except for you guys don't report, this place is no different. Look at the pointless attacks on me that I just let roll off my back because those fools are just clowns who want to be noticed. They will become jealous of you because I just let them look as stupid as their comments, and talk to you. LOL


    • so he want us to think he is a spineless tattle tail ?

      who take the internet WAYYY to serious ?

      thats clever .. lol you right if someone would purposely put that vibe out .. than I have no clue how they think

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