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    Rosters/Discussion Thread

    Starters for this week/discussion thread. Please post your teams and/or comments.

    Please rate this team:

    Day 1 Starters
    Martin Laird
    Brian Gay
    Chad Campbell
    John Mallinger
    Justin Leonard
    Webb Simpson
    Alex Cejka
    Mike Weir

    John Merrick seems like an obvious choice here, but I chose Mallinger for Group C in his place. Shoot you gotta shoot for winners, and I believe Merrick has probably got his sites set on putting up numbers in the majors already, even though he hasn't yet won an event. Probably a tie for him in importance there, right now, but I think that might leave the door open for southern Californian Mallinger to make a real run this week. Mallinger and Merrick both live in Long Beach and are both Southern California guys, and they are members of the same country club, Virginia Country Club in Long Beach. Mallinger finished T-25 (-23) last year, but, since it's impossible to pick here without digging through the long shots, he is my southern California guy for this week, even over Charlie Hoffman.

    Martin Laird is a Scottish golfer who put up a T-4 last week. Nice start. I am betting that he is remembering why he came over here about right now and will put it all into this event to see if he can nail down a win early this year. I'm ignoring track record for this one. If you don't know Laird, he entered the tour through the Nationwide tour last year. He is 27. Laird finished a suprising 65th on the money list last year and should back that up this week with his second strong showing of this year. Also, Laird won last year at the Justin Timberlake event and finished 2nd in the Tahoe event...This guy must be pretty darn good...

    In an event full of long shots Alex Cejka is my "super longshot" for this roster. He put up a T-58 (-18) last year and has nothing spectacular here. His best is a T-30. I'm giving him a run, because it's early in the year and, having earned a card the last three years barely, I believe he will out to nail down another one early for a change. Another guy who traveled a long way to play golf on the PGA tour originally from Marienbad, Czechoslovakia.

    As for Webb Simpson, I think this is a great place for him to break out and get to the next tier of young players. He should earn a card this year and have a pretty good run, but I believe he will be really hungry to get out of the gates hot this week for 2010. T-5ed here last year in his first try...

    Weir is my favorite this week, with Gay, Campbell, and Leonard all contenders...

    One thing. I read there will be rain. Anybody have any rain sleepers?

    OK, that's all, anybody who has any sleepers post them and why you believe they will finish high. Also, please post your rosters and favorites...

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    • so geh.

    • my fav is always weirsy:P....one thing to look at for this tourney is the different courses...silver rock is by far the hardest so i try to avoid startin anyone on that course...as for rain players i think justin rose fits the bill cept hes a c player this year like weir

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      • Well, I broke down and decided to go with Merrick over Mallinger. Oh, I put in Michael Sim for Alex Cejka, also. Not too tough a decisions. Here is the final roster for day 1:

        Group A Martin Laird
        Group B1 Brian Gay
        Group B2 Chad Campbell
        Group C John Merrick
        Group A Bench Justin Leonard
        Group B Bench Webb Simpson
        Group B Bench Michael Sim
        Group C Bench Mike Weir

        Thanks for everyone's inputs...

    • How dare anyone actually try discussing Yahoo Fantasy Golf in this forum...shame.

    • Weir is known as a great mudder, his stock goes up. Can't argue with the rest of the lineup, a lot of these young guys could go low on these easier courses, picking hot players on the Nicklaus/Palmer layouts is key on a day to day basis. I picked Baird because he is coming off good start and can go low in early rounds, Campbell is hot also and a former champ. Troy Merritt and DeLaet seemed impressive in Hawaii also.

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      • I rather like Charlie Howell III given the conditions.

        By the way, if you got off to a subpar (or is that above-par) start, please join my golf league - Masters Starts the Season.

        Scoring for this league will not commence until Masters Week in April. A list will be posted and maintained of the amount of total points that will be subtracted from each players score to determine the winner of this group. It ends with the Travelers Championship. The low scorer in the group for each major (Masters, USOpen, BritishOpen, and PGA) will be eliminated. Every one else will be in it to the end. If there are two low scores tied the week of any major, then the low score for the season (beginning with the MAsters) will be eliminated. If more than one are still tied after this, all will be eliminated.

        Good luck to all! Please invite others - again scoring won't start until April, beginning with the Masters.

        Group ID # = 12598
        password = aitch

      • Heard that about Weir.

        If the weather is bad, I think the younger guys will get out front (or at least to the top) in bigger numbers than if not. I just checked the weather, and it looks like wet and cool for three straight days. The early morning temperatures will barely reach the 40s with highs in like the 70s. The weekend should be good, though.

        Anyone have any ideas on which players might move to the top in the unexpected weather? Definitely not what the golfers were hoping for in southern California, I am sure...


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