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  • BloodyHeadSports BloodyHeadSports Jan 9, 2010 7:29 PM Flag

    PATRICK said this... added commentary


    What you guys fail to realize( no patrick what we realize is u are a douche) is that right now he can do whatever the hell he wants( not if u were with tiger). If he wants to stay secluded for a year( can u find him patrick where are you douche bag) or so he CAN because he's stinkin' rich( great insight patrick). He has NO obligation to "take his lumps"( we are obligated to call u a douche). He's not a late night talk show host like Letterman, it's completely different.( foolish logic here)

    If I were Tiger i'd be relaxing( really patrick are u tiger.. duuuh no one cares what u think) on my own private beach,( sweet patrick good job) drinking tropical drinks, and banging a different girl every day( or guy in your case). Honestly, do you think Tigers wife is upset at all right now( only wishes u were there patrick)? She's gotta be one of the happiest C. U. N.ext T.uesdays in the world( WEEEEEEEEEE AWESOME INSIGHT). forgot what you heard, $300,000,000 CAN buy happiness and just about anything else( $10 bucks could buy yours lol). The only victims in all this is the kids( no the only victim is us.. cause we got to listen to your idiotic insight), but they'll be alright. Far worse things happen to kids."( bottom line and at the end of the day you are a MORON)



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