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  • Big Red Big Red Aug 14, 2009 8:50 PM Flag

    I just watched Tiger on the Golf Channel after his second round...

    What an ass! Who does he think he is? A GREAT golfer, but if you look up the word "pompous" in the dictionary, there's gotta be a picture of Tiger! Unbelievable!

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    • yeah i see what your saying....you judge a person based on their character which is fine except athletes arent rolemodels and expecting them to be good people just because they can hit a ball far or run fast is retarded

      enjoy the golf........

    • he takes about a qtr of the question of the question ppl want hiim to take and the reason he comes off so pompous is because he has to makeup 47 answers to the same question so they each sound slightly different for each magazine or publication......

      if you had to say the same thing 40 times but slightly different each time I'm sure you might soound slightly sarcastic or pompous by say the 25th time you answered

      stop being a hater....athletes are not rolemodels no matter how much people want them to be and if you name any athelete I'll tell you why they weren't

      just enjoy what the man does and understand that our spending and economic habiits as americans and our constant bowing to the concept of these athletes making the money that they do is the reason some professionals become divas. not to mention the fact that if i were an asian/african american in this country playing a primarily rich white mans sport and beating everyones ass doing it.........I'd be cocky too....and so would you

    • Walter Hagen was pompous. Bobby Jones wasn't.
      Ben Hogan was pompous. Byron Nelson wasn't.
      Jack Nicklaus was pompous. Arnold Palmer wasn't.
      Johnny Miller was pompous. Lee Trevino wasn't.
      Tiger is pompous. Vijay isn't.
      Now do you get it?

    • Finally...a conversation about GOLF!!

      Good job, boys!

    • Vijay IS a great golfer.

    • thank you thats mighty gracious .. no thanks needed stimulating conversation is payment enough

    • Okay...you're right. You great big golf fan.

    • the other name you name els and cink and payne obviously they were more humble thier wins came way far in between .. none had the success that jack or arnie or tiger had .. of course they will be more humble they know they are not the best ..

      and you shoul dad vijay in there he is a hell of a sportsman and a hell of a golfer

    • and arnie was the most pompous till jack came along .. tiger isn't doing anything different than any dominate athlete in any sport .. including golf ..

    • Sorry...but did you watch him? He was more full of himself than even Jack ever was! Look at guys like Arnie...or Stewart Cink... Or Payne Stewart...or Ernie....Gentlemen. Humble. What the game is all about

      thats what you said .. he was more pompous than jack ever was .. thats not true both jack and arnie had tremendous EGO .. both new they were the best and both behaved as the best .. obviously celebration will change as culture and times changed ,, jack celbrated more than arnie .. arnie celbrated more than the guys before him you know why ? cause at the time just like tiger they were the best and they knew it .. don't cry about tiger now and invoke names like jack and arnie who have some of the biggest egos in the game

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