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    All a Zombie can say is Phil


    ..they cannot defend their iddle widdle tigger unless they bring down the great phil Mickelson..same with the liberalemmings..all they can say is Bush. of course, can't blame them there..Obama is totaly undefendable

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    • Kurt's missing limb does the thinking.

    • Obama will run against Bush in 2012 no matter who the other candiate is. It is all he can do.

    • I can defend Obama anyday. Obama is just doing what is, in his and his cabinets opinion, whats best for America. As an elected official by this countries citizens, we have given him the right to use his morality, his education and his gut to make decisions which will affect us all. Some of those decisions will be positive and some will be negative. Some will be one for some and the other for the rest. Iif you look back in the history of the presidents of this country, you can find negatives and positives in every national leader that we have ever had. He will fix some things and mess up others. Just like every president before has and like every president after will. But he's still the leader of this great nation and he deserves the same respect we as voters asked people to give to President Bush when we elected him. We asked for a general respect for leadership and some news medias went so far as to treat people who disagreed with Bush as "hating America".........

      I voted for George W Bush because he was a better choice than Al Gore or John Kerry. But i voted for Obama for the same reason, and while I don't necessarily agree with 100% of his thoughts, I do agree with most and since he's here for 3 more years, people need to give him time to fix things........hell, most voted for Bush the second time because they wanted to see if they can finish the job and I think Obama deserves atleast half of that same respect. He's been given the shittiest circumstances a president has gotten and I think he's handling it very well.

      Our instantly gratified society may not think so, but i do

    • hows about the least number of missed cuts, most tourney wins, most major wins, most sponsor dollars, more fans and more tour money........Tigers leading all those categories over Phil since they began playing each other

      those are some pretty important stats for defending the number 1 player in the world against the number 2 player in the world for the number 1 douche in the world


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