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  • it will be a great time..those years will put America back to what we were..the only blue states left will be NY, Cali, and Vermont a who who who

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    • so we want to be back to spennding trillions in iraq instead of in the US we will go back to paying 4$ a gallon .. we will be stuck with a president who lies to us every otherday .. invade countries based on lies . terrorist attacking american soil .. stock markets plunging record amounts . people losing job quicker than ever.. all while spending very little on social services and middle class .. and spend way more on other countries and give the rich even more money ..

      yeah back to the good old days ? it funny how moron have problems with Obama spending money in america .. but when bush was handing out trillions to iraq to protect oil which happens to be the market bush got rich in . Kurt has no problem spending trillions as long as it is not on american children woman and men .. it has to be spent on other countries and oil ..


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