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  • sixburgh sixburgh Jun 30, 2009 11:15 PM Flag

    cap and trade

    Better hope this bill dosn't pass the senate. Unless you want the government controling how long of a shower you take. Not to mention double electricity bills. Obama wants the middle class to suffer!!! Ya this bill has a line in it to put regulators on showers that shut off after 3 minutes. Also it will make it illegal to sale your home if you haven't made proper upgrades to make it energy efficient. These upgrades that they will require could cost tens of thousands in some cases more. Peopel will be stuck in their homes paying electric bills that are larger than some people's mortgages. Obama must be smoking crack again!!!! It is a half baked plan and most of our congress representatives didn't read the 1000 page bill, that I guarantee!!!

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    • One proposal that was part of the cap and trade debate was an idea to force all car owners to install a device on their cars that reported how many miles they drove every time they filled up at a gas station.
      The information would be used to charge people for how many miles they drive because the government isn't getting enough money from the gas tax with people conserving, buying hybrids, and using public transport. Gasoline consumption dropped dramatically in the last twelve months.
      Oregon is doing a pilot program right now. Why does the government change the rules all the time? The tax a gallon of gas for a half century and when that no longer generates the revenue they want they propose an entirely new system. It isn't about conservation, or reducing carbon dioxide. It's all about revenue streams.

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      • you are correct! But it isn't necessarily revenue streams for taxes alone. Al gore owns a company that will profit in a major way from this bill. Him along with other Democratic leaders, camapign contributors, and other various friends of Obama. I view politics in this country like a click of good friends. "I'll vote for your shit bill if you vote for mine." It has become as crooked as the mob. There is no such thing as a half baked crook, and Obama is well done. All of them do the same thing. Bush was no different in that respect. It has become about taking care of friends not country. Nothing in this bill will help with global warming or pollution in any way. Not when China is adding 30,000 new vehicles to their highways everyday and developing infrastructure that will spread their population into suburbs just like us. As a result not only will they add more and more cars, but they will drive longer distances as well.

    • cap and coke is a much better solution.

    • many of the congressional votes that carried this economically disasterous, fiscally irresponsible and politically unsound bill through the house we bought off by the democratic wannabee control freaks through the age - old pork -barrell legislation bribe. A lot of democratic legislators who were on the fence over this proposal have been promised lots of tax-payer dollars (billions)for "special projects" in their districts. These addendums to cap and trade are buried deep among the 1000+ page bill. You and I are going to pay for all this. Obama repeatedly points the finger at the previous admin to the fact that he inherited a 400 billion dollar budget deficit. With his ill-advised bailout schemes and curent proposal( cap and trade) and health care reform, the deficit will be pushed to almost 2 trillion dollars. There is a lot of bad news in cap and trade. Spin doctors are using the global warming bunk, greenhouse effect propaganda, and the current "going green"fad to push carbon footprint reforms in big business. This is merely a guise to create new revenue through invented commodities, like allowing fossil-fuel burning plants a cap on the amount of emmisions they can release provided they pay a government fee. This fee will be passed on to the consumer resulting in a huge increase in energy bills in parts of the country that rely heavily on energy produced by such plants. And this is only one of many irresponsible plans this administarations is pushing. The American taxpayer will be raped and this country will be bankrupt under this guy. Our forefathers painstakingly laid out a plan for government in this country that provided for the least amount of federal government control and interference. This current administrations wants to control every aspect of your daily life and tax you for it. It has huge stakes in private enterprise, the auto industry, financial institutions, now he wants to control your health care and energy use as well. This is not what this country was founded on and the current trend is being driven by the same influences that brought the financial, credit and lending institutions to their knees. The major difference now is that in addition to taking your money by no-collateral credit lending schemes, they have gotten the government to take it for them in the name of taxes. This man is useless and dangerous.

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      • Amen. Very knowledgable reply. Thanks for keeping this post going. With the Michael Jackson news flooding the airways people have gotten their minds off this issue. As Glenn Beck says, "news flash Michael Jackson is still dead." It is time for Americans to exercise our constitutional right to revolt. In fact our founders stated it is our duty to revolt when the government drifts from the constitution and imposes on our day to day life.

        You talk about recking the economy, this bill will do it! I admit I wasn't a huge Bush fan. However, I like him more and more each day. He wouldn't stand for N. Korea threatining to blow us off the map, which I consider a declaration of war. The rich don't care if their energy bill doubles, most of them have energy efficient homes and tons of money. The poor don't care because they receive government housing and get help paying bills through government handouts, food stamps etc. obama is inslaving the middle class. Before you know it we will be working all day for a bowl of rice like they do in China! This country is taking a path I won't follow. The insurance companies get away with anything they want and take little risk for hughe premiums, especially if you live in a Coastal region recently effected by a hurricane. Our policies are 8,000 to 15,000 a year in some areas. Our deductibles are 5000.00 to 13,0000 before the insurance companies will start picking up the bill. For my car, house, and health insurance, i estimate we pay 12,000 a year! Nobody seems to care and nobody is doing a damn thing about it.

      • You hit the nail on the head with cap and trade Badger.

    • Worst bill out of Congress in a long time.

    • fonz hearts u

    • Either they didn't read it or they invested in companies that make the products the legislation subsidizes and mandates.

    • Excellent post Sixburgh.

    • fonzie? is that you?


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