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  • I am glad that no one on this msg board knows a thing abt golf as you folks never talk golf.
    What a joke this has become for Yahoo. Wish they would just wipe you off the board.

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    • Who do you like this weekend in New Orleans??? Thinkng Rory S is on the cusp of a win. Can Kenny P bounce back?? Answer these golf questions my friends!!

    • then no one would be talking about anything since none of you assholes who complain about what we talk about ever bring up a golf conversation.........

      you wanna talk golf dick....start a golf chat

      p.s........strong finish by brian gay this weekend......and the pro-am on sunday was pretty good too.......go B. Curtis and go Tiger

      love the golf talk

    • GO BLACKHAWKS !!!!

      and for golf talk...
      thanks Brian Gay !!!!


    • I have class out the ass

    • JOE what exactly would you like to discuss in regards to golf?

    • While Scotland is widely associated as the home and birthplace of golf, there is great debate about the earliest derivation of the game. Some historians believe that golf descended from "paganica", played with a feather stuffed ball and a curved stick, a game that the Romans brought with them to Britain. Another idea is that golf was a Dutch game called "het kolven" and there are paintings from the 18th century by Dutch painters showing a game similar to golf being played on ice and land. However, by this time it is believed some form of golf had been played in Scotland for three hundred years.

      The name golf may have been derived from the old Scots verb " to gowff" meaning to "strike hard." The earliest known written detail on the subject of golf is from King James II in 1457 who demanded that "fute-ball and golfe be utterly cryed down and not to be used." The King was concerned that his citizens were so involved in leisurely pursuits that they were neglecting the Royal and vital sport of archery, which would protect him from the enemy. It took until 1502, in the reign of King James IV and a Treaty of Perpetual Peace (which didn't last!) with England's King Henry VII before the Scots were allowed to spare the time on such pursuits. King James IV himself played the game at Perth.

      Mary Queen of Scots was known to play a round or two and by the end of the 16th century it was noted that people were neglecting attendance at church in order to indulge in their favourite pastime. With the Union of the Crowns in 1603, King James VI and his court took golf to Blackheath in London. By that time he had appointed an Edinburgh bowmaker as royal club-maker.

    • I like birdies, long talks and vandamme movies. 1 of 3 ain't bad.


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