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  • TYHJCV TYHJCV Mar 11, 2009 5:49 PM Flag

    What Lincoln said.............

    You are ridiculing people who support Obama in the same way you are complaining about being ridiculed for criticizing Obama supporters, (that sounds like I'm describing a jock).

    what the hell are you trying to say ?

    you guys critize obama after 6 weeks .. thats it six weeks all the while there not one post from the previous 8 yrs .. like when bush admitted he lied about iraq .. when the stock market crashed 1800 in one week .. or theh ousing crisis ?

    obama has had 6 weeks to fix what bush took 8 year to destroy ... you guys really don't see the difference giving a guys years starting out with a great economy to giving a guy weeks starting out with one of the worst ever ?

    really that does not sink in at all ?

    like it ok for kurt to attack gays and use his religion as a reason .. but you can't through back that same religion that is raping boys ?

    do you see how you guys spin things ?

    it wrong for obama to spend trillion in and on AMERICANS

    but its ok for bush to spend trillions on IRAQI oil ? in iraq ?

    and here a news flash bush approval rating was at 27% that mean 73 percent of americans agree with me .. obamas is at 63 right now .. so again more american agree with me .. bush has and always speaks for the few the RICH .. come on he lost one ppopular vote .. and barely won his second term ..

    kurt is not extreme ? kurt has common sense ?

    he accused michelle obama of being a prostitute .. he said obama was a crack dealer .. he lied an said they hand out condoms in school to 3rd graders .. he tried to say at 13 birth control shots are mandatory ..

    come on you don't feel in away wrong that KURT A confirmed bigot .. can use someone who has done so much to combat racism ? what lincoln did was take the first step to where we are today .. if it was bush running the country the last 200 yr thier would still be slaves ..

    buford you a clown along with you funny companion kurt ..

    so it ok to talk bad about black,hispanics,gays obama



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