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  • TYHJCV TYHJCV Mar 11, 2009 5:05 PM Flag

    What Lincoln said.............

    the private sector most efficiently spends money, not the government,

    can you explain how that is true ? ENRON ? madoff ? would you like me to name more ?

    obama is not spending all this money cause the housing market is a OK .. obama isn't spending all this money cause education is well funded .. ( bush;s leave all kids behind program )..

    US has been in a crisis for 8 yrs .. in those eight years we have had the worst terrorist attack , one of the worst housing market crashes . the biggest budget deficit ever .. the biggest single year deficit ever the most us troop lost outside a war on foreign ground ( iraq 5000) .. we invaded a country that we are now spending trillion in , ON A LIE bush admitted this .. all the while countries like north korea iran , are building nukes right in fron of our eyes .. and we can not do anything cause we are taxed resource wise in IRAQ ... why did bush choose to invade a country on lies when clearly iraq was not the biggest threat .. to him and his oil buddies maybe but compared to north korea .. osama ( in aphganistan) IRAN .. iraq was nothing ..

    ALL ON LIES bush admitted to ..

    YES obama plans on spending record amounts .. but atleast he plans on spending it here .. in AMERICA for americans .. he is spending it on schools , healthcare,housing ..... and what at the cost of the rich getting slightly less rich ? I mean common donald trump isn;t going to be eating off the mcdonalds value menu anytime soon

    by defective do you mean BUSH and CHENEY using the government to make money for the OIL industry and HALERBERTON

    don't you find it odd there are less successful attack on the oil fields in iraq then on the troops in town or the iraq people ? they protect a pruduct more than a people even our people

    don't you find it odd the HALERBERTON got billions of dollars in compete free contracts?

    so do you think the way clinton left our economy was worse than the way BUSH left our economy ? that hillarious ..

    so did you post the week the stock market dropped 1800 in one week ? that trillions of dollars in lost revenue .. oh that was under bush .. that was before obama was elected .. did you post the week bush admitted he lied about iraq involvement in both 911 and WMD ?


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