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  • TYHJCV TYHJCV Mar 11, 2009 2:24 PM Flag

    What Lincoln said.............

    so lets get this straight i got 8 yrs to blame it on bush ?

    all you guys got is 6weeks to blame it on obama ..

    so when exactly was bush responsible for anything he did ? i mean during his term it was clinton fault after his term it was obama ? its just kind wierd

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    • According to your logic the 9-11 attack is Clinton's fault and so was the 2001 recession since you can blame anything that happens for "how long" on the previous administration?

      Come to think of it "Blame Bush" is exactly what I would expect as an explanation for everything coming from a vacant intellect like yours.

      Rant on.

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      • So do any of you political and economic wizards know how to get the damn thing to save your picks to the week's picks around here or is that too much to ask?

        LMAO @ u frucks...

      • i blame bush cause his record show what he did .. you can't deny it .. he cut almost ever single educational program there is .. he cut almost every single health care program there is .. he create and huge population of unskilled workers by cutting funding for school all 8 yrs he was in office ..

        obama has been in the office for 6 weeks ? clintons been out of the office for 8 yrs and 6 weeks

        and you are tryin to tell me bush started his first term coming of an ecomony this bad ? thats a joke .. when bush took office the stock market was on a rise not a record plunge .. you guys really are oblivious aren't you ?

        clinton handing bush the best economy ever makes it his fault that bush destroyed that same economy ..

        but bush handing obama one of the worst economy's ever with a stock market that was on the worst plunge ever .. is not bush fault it obamas

        can you rep gat anything straigh first you whine saying 911 causes the recession of 01 now its clinton

        so again is bush resposible for anything ?


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