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  • NNT NNT Mar 5, 2009 8:40 PM Flag

    Obama crashing stock market

    I don't think Barack is doing it alone Kurt. Barney Frank has been screwing up the financial system and markets for a long time before Barack arrived and gave the market nothing at all to believe in. What's funny is Barack has to change policy soon. Americans are invested in the stock market, not in Barack. If he doesn't turn it around his approval will drop like a rock.

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    • oh you mean like they did for bush ?

      he is a record breaking president

      highest single year defecit ever

      most jobs lost ever

      4 out of 5 of the worst stock market crashes ever

      lowest approval rating ever ..

      most soldiers lost in a forgiegn conflict since ww2 ..

      most american lost on american soil since the civil war .

      did anyone else find it funny he thought he could wire tap AMERICAN with no prob, cause ? with out a court order ..

      but when it come to his staff giving out public info we have a right to know he say executive priv.

      come on .. so he can spy on anyone of us at any moment but his own admin .. is lying and destroying public info .. and he want to claim its none of his business ..


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