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  • TYHJCV TYHJCV Mar 5, 2009 6:44 PM Flag

    Obama crashing stock market

    and i call it his bill because of all the rhetoric he spouted about ending earmarks .. and his bulling by threatening to veto if i had any language he personaly didn't approve of .. drawl from iraq .. and other earmarks ..

    he aCTED TOUGH that all he talked just like his dad anyone remember the NO NEW TAXES SPEACH .. and how many new taxes did the first bush add ? thats laughable

    how about how many time he said iraq has WMD only to come back and say oops he was mistaken ..

    heres a news flash while we were invading IRAQ for a bogus reason .. NORTH KOREA TESTED A NUKE .. IRAN is and was build plant to make a nuclear bomb .. its all about oil .. and not to save the average person money .. we all paid out our asses for gas .. while the gas companies made record profits .. sound fair .. non compete contract for cheney construction company come on theats just insane .. then that same company moves there headquarters to another country !


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