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  • TYHJCV TYHJCV Mar 5, 2009 7:24 PM Flag

    Obama crashing stock market


    see this link it is a part of this post do you see where he says catfish ?

    i also posted abunch about stock market crashes didn't i ? i proved this happened and worse under bush .. what did kurt say that was so convincing ?

    you don't think our stock market is at all related to the us budget ?

    its funny you say since the stock market lost so much since jan 20 can you tell me what it was doing before that ? it was dropping .. it didn't just start dropping jan 20 infact .. 3out of 5 of the largest stock drop came in 2008 .. under your george bush .. so wafter record drops in the market while bish was in office over 8 year .,.. obama is to blame after a few months ?

    In case you didn't know the website you posted a link to was about a Congressional bill. Kurt is posting on the stock market. You'll have to figure out some kind of silly logic that makes those two things compatible.

    by that logic how is obama resposible for the stock market if bush wasn't then ?


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