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    Obama crashing stock market

    singlehandedly...it's dropped faster than tigger did in match play since he took office...way to go liberalemmings,,you sure all backed a real winner..and only 7,000 plus earmarks from a man who said there wouldn't be any...Shades of "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski"

    a who who who a he he he

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    • Is that the dow flirting with 10 grand?

    • Plame was just a ho..she was only used to sleep with diplomats so all she was outed on was her dalliances

    • I want a rich woman with huge knockers to take care of all my needs.

    • not any more Obama Claus takes care of them now

    • I thought Americans believed that you made your own way in life.

    • because America believes in the trickle down rather than socialism?

    • Wy don't they just divide the stimulus package by 330 million, the number of legal citizens in the country, and sends everyone their share. I'd vote for that!

    • buford unlike some people I have one ID kurt knows i have no problems using my own ID .. buford your a clown you have nothing to say .. except the stock market went down when obama came into the office .. you lie when you say it dipped any farther then the trend it was on a nose dive since sept 08 the oct )08 both month had 2 of the worst drops ever in september it dropped 500 pts in one day ..

      KURT post on a public message board . it not stalking to reply to his bogus post .. just cause i make you guys look like fools .. I mean kurts big republican expert is winnie cooper from the wonder years that pathetic .. these are public message boards ,, you can't handle the truth ? that your problem ..

      the fact is 63 percent of the nation thought bush was doing a horrible job .. so you opinion is not exactly the puplic opinion .. Obama was not my first pick in fact I like McCann ... if it wasn't for that moron Palin i even would of voted for him .. he had the best credentials ..

      and i don't agree on obama stance on bailing out the housing like he is .. for those of us who are buying a house we can actually afford it pisses me off to know i could of overstated my wealth got a better house than i could afford and just get bailed out . I also have issue with immagration .. i have lots of friend who came here legally it an insult to them to have to go through the right procedures to become a citizen only to have a guy jump a fence and he is in ..

      however .. the mess obama was given call for extreme measure .. ever important infrastructure was messed up .. education was at an all time low .. to many people were losing thier houses .. the whole country was ina crisis .. bush didn't do him or any of us any favors .. what make me mad while the rest of us are in a shitty spot because of BUSHES retard policies .. he will actaully beneifit from what he has done while the rest of us pay for it .. he will be right back in the oil business rich as ever .. same with cheney .. his company made billion off the war..

      bill was an airhead but what he did for our economy was amazing .. right now i would trade our president getting a BJ for a great aconomy .. no matter how you spin it the best economy our courty ever seen was during clintons time ..

    • wouldnt have 9/11 had clinton done his job

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