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  • Dwayne J Dwayne J Feb 22, 2009 6:55 AM Flag

    can someone help with the scoring

    one of my players scored a 69(-2) on round 2 and on round three scored a 67(-4) why did they give me 12 points for round 2 and only 10 points for round three!

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    • because it is based off what the best score was that day... On round 2 I believe that the best score was -6. If your player score -6, he would get you 20 points. After that, its -2 points from 20.... Which would mean if it was -5, it would be 18 points, -4, it would be 16, -3---14, -2---12 points. Does this help?


    • My bad..But if he didn't read the rules, do you think he'll read this?

    • Each round is scored separatly. 20 points is given to the low
      score of each round. Then for each of the lowest rounds there
      after in 2 point increments. ex. Saturdays round Phil shot 62,
      the low round of the DAY. He received 20 points. Calc. shot 64
      he received 18 (2nd lowest round OF THE DAY) etc..On Fri.
      your players 67 was probably the 5th lowest round receiving
      10 pts. and Sat. a 67 may have been the 7th. lowest round
      recieving 6pt. Read the rules. top right corner of roster, go to scoring. WHY AM I EXPLAINING THIS?????

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      • Baner...if I read your message correctly it is not accurate...

        Dwayne J:
        The player carding the low round of the day earns any Yahoo! manager who selected him 20 points, provided he has been placed in a starting roster slot for the day. The other players earn 2 points less per shot over the low round. In other words, Mickelson's 63 earned his managers 20 points for Saturday's round, provided they chose him as their group A starter. Calcavecchia's 65 earned the managers who started him 20 - (65-63)2=20 - 2(2)=20 - 4=16 points. Earned points are calculated in the same way for each player in a starting roster position on each roster and then totaled for the weekly total. Bonus points are awarded after the tournament is over as such: 20 points for a winning golfer, provided a manager has started him in at least one round during the week, 10 points for a second (including ties), again provided a manager has started him in at least one round during the week, and 5 points for a third (also including ties), also provided a manager has started him in at least one round during the week.

        You can start a player in 10 events for the year, irregardless of how many rounds you start him in the events...

        Hope this helps. You'll get used to the system pretty quickly...The idea is to select winners, second place finishers, and low rounds for your roster and then make sure you start the low round players on the day when they go low...By the way, I have found that the 10 start rule is of really no consequence. Yes, you may use a select number of players 10 times, but no PGA player will total 10 firsts and seconds for the year. The trick is to pick them when they will win or show and when they will go low in a round. There are always options...

        Good Luck!

    • Round 2 the low was -6
      Round 3 the low was -9

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