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  • Kimbodog Kimbodog Jan 31, 2009 5:44 PM Flag

    "New" Yahoo FantGolf system SUKS so far

    Yahoo's new Fantasy Golf setup..... pretty w/the golfers pics, but it totally SUKs from a functional perspective!! U wud think w/the new affiliation w/PGATOUR.com that it wud improve the ability of Yahoo 2 get updated player scores qikr & thus Fantasy scores done @ a more expedient pace than they have always been sooooo poor @ in past seasons. But NOPPERS!! It's actually WORSE this season than than it ever has been!! They r now well in2 the 3rd round of the FBR & we have yet 2 see any of the 2nd round Fantasy scores posted & have yet 2 see any of the MC (missed cuts) notations on ANY player - of course, it is 12hrs now past the Yahoo deadline when we had 2 make piks 4 the 3rd round - absolutely pitiful!!!

    I never thot I'd be saying that I much prefer the old deplorable system Yahoo has had 4 many seasons now, over this "new, improved" Yahoo system. Sorry u Yahoo yahoos, but pretty pics of the golfers DO NOT make up 4 ur total incompetence of giving us what we need 2 properly play fantasy golf.

    NAMELY (as u yahoos obviously do not get it - despite yrs of emails & posts by thousands of fantasy players on ur site) we need scores posted in a timely fashion (ASAP after a round is complete) & players marked w/proper designations in a timely fashion - WD if they r a late WD posted B4 the tourney begins (y'all know how many times we've been burned by that EVERY season several times), MCs known well B4 the deadline 2 pik the next rounds players (NOT well after the deadline 2 pik, or well after the next round has already started).

    Why is it that Yahoo Fantasy Football can get instant Fantasy scores w/the StatTracker system, & even w/o stattracker, the Fantasy scores appear @ the reg. time of the change 2 the next day (usually 4am pst) & that is compiling scores from many games in many locations. Yahoo Fantasy Golf just has 2 compile & report the scores from 1 tourney in 1 place - what the H#!! is so hard about that???? And supposedly u have a partnership w/PGATour.com???? Shame on U!! I can pull up PGATour.com & get player scores immediately & can even see who is projected 2 make or miss the Cut & certainly those projections r finalized as soon as the round is over. But Yahoo doesn't have that information posted even now - a full 12 hrs after the deadline 2 pik our Sat players & even longer since the end of round 2 & the MCs were official. It's even slower & poorer than past seasons (& thaz pretty damn BAD!!) & it's been that way EVERY wk of the season so far!!

    What that tells me is that some fat cat @ Yahoo is making LOTS of $$$ by promoting this so-called "partnership" w/PGATour.com - when in reality, Yahoo is purposely lagging behind w/it's stats/scores so that every1 is forced 2 go 2 PGATour just 2 find out who made the Cut or not & get the real scores. What a pain in the AZZ!!!

    As a Fantasy Commish of almost all sports 4 the past 3 decades (yeppers, even commished B4 computers), I can tell u that Yahoo's Fantasy Golf is 1 of the poorest run Fantasy games in the entire online Fantasy Spectrum. There r sooooooo many improvements that wud be simple fixes - how do I know they wud be simple? - cuz 2 many other sports & Fantasy games have/use the kind of "fixes" that Yahoo Golf needs 2 employ - including other Yahoo Fantasy games!!!

    But somebody @ Yahoo Golf has their head up where the sun don't shine, looking after his own agenda, & screwing over thousands of Fantasy players in the process. I mean, if the other Fantasy games (including Yahoo) use the tools they have @ their disposal 2 provide efficient scoring & player info, then what is the excuse 4 Yahoo Fantasy Golf 2 NOT use these tools? Somebody higher up @ Yahoo needs 2 fire the idiots currently running the Fantasy Golf division & get some1 in there that knows what the hell they r doing, don't u agree?

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    • Spot on mate,Fantasy Golf on Yahoo Is the worst in the world,the hidden agenda is to keep it all on their side of the Atlantic. (saves having to pay for Flights & Accomodation), and god forbid that anyone other than an American should win any kind of prize.!!!

      As for the late score postings etc, they not only are late in posting them, but when you do make your changes even having looked on other sites to keepupwith the scores,they wont aknowledge that you made your changes WELL BEFORE the deadline, this is cheating on a grand scale,who runs this lot??? THE MOB????

    • My first response would be get a life. If you have that much time on your hands to type a email that long, then you can go on pgatour.com and see who in the hell missed a cut. Also, you can figure the points out yourself. 20 points for the lowest round of the day an so on...
      This is not rocket science. It's free to anyone who wants to play. If you don't like the system then don't play.

    • Totally agree !! I quit Fantasy Golf a couple of years ago because of their incompetence. Decided to try again this year, but other than the pics, it's the same ole same ole ...... VERY poor

    • Well said - there is no reason why it can't have "live" scoring. If we are in the middle of the 3rd round and your player has the lowest socre of the day, why not show him with a projected 20 points and so on and so forth. The 2nd round isn't even there much less this "live" scoring option. I may lose interest since this Yahoo Fantasy Golf is like reading old news.

    • Before you start calling the kettle black, keep in mind that yesterday's second round, just like Thursday's opening round, was SUSPENDED due to darkness, which meant the Yahoo couldn't tally up anything until completion of the round.

      Besides, I was able to adjust my lineup after the second round. If you had someone who didn't finish their round before the horn, don't blame Yahoo. They're not mind readers.

      Yahoo has had the same fantasy golf scoring system for years. If this is a problem for you, now would be the time to bail your azz outta here.

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      • TheTwilightSagaIsTheBestEver TheTwilightSagaIsTheBestEver Jan 31, 2009 6:48 PM Flag

        I think you are missing the original posters point. Just because a few (very few) have not finished a round, does not mean that Yahoo can't at least show who is expected to make or MISS the cut. I get that info from pgatour site all the time, so if yahoo is partners now, then yahoo should have it showing also. I hate when I have a MC player on my Sat roster, but sometimes I don't have time to chk pgatour for the info & get burned because of it.

        Just because "that's the way it has always been", doesn't mean it can't be better, & don't think for a minute that just because there is no $$ charged to play that the game is "Free" ........... yahoo constantly subjects you to their advertising, emails, etc - and the cost of my time is definitely not free.

        I certainly think yahoo could be doing a much better job, and the fact they have been doing this for several years now makes the "same ole same ole" (as the other poster said) absolutely not acceptable - do you know ANY other online or computer based game running by the "same ole same ole" setup & standards as they did several years ago? Even if they are free to play, that industry is constantly upgrading & improving their product - but the only "improvement" yahoo seems to give us is a pic of our golfers - BIG DEAL

        I agree, yahoo should get some people with some 21st century thinking to update and perfect this thing - JMHO

    • i here ya buddy i email them 12 hours ago about this shit! this is my first season and i won't play again!


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