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    Join this auto racing group if you are looking for one.

    Auto racing savvy folks who know their stuff are more than welcome, but if you've never played the auto racing game before -

    like me - come on over too and find out what it's all about.

    Just one thing though.. ONLY join if you plan to be competitive enough by making your weekly moves on time every week .

    That's all folks! It's a long game that spans from spring with the Daytona 500 starting on Feb 15 until the fall with the

    Ford 400 ending on Nov 22. So join if you are going to be there to manage your foursome each event.

    Here's the info:

    Auto Racing '09 (Group ID#14441)
    pwd: kittylitter


    I will be putting together a baseball league too once the game opens up in Yahoo. For that league I will only be taking the

    top 20 managers that apply. It will be a mega deep league for people that really know the game, so you will definitely need

    to know your mlb player rankings well and be on a year-long free-agency scouting mood to fish this one out. It will not be

    an easy won championship.

    Managers with high 80%-plus performance ratio in baseball on their Yahoo fantasy profile will be considered. If your

    Baseball W% stands at 90% or better and you've been playing for more than four seasons then this league is for you to prove

    that your winning ways is not a fluke.

    I will need to look at your profile in order to decide whether you make it in the top 20 among all of those that apply. But

    if you really want to play go ahead and apply even if you don't have much to show for on your profile. If I get lots of

    responses there's always the possibility (not guaranteed) that I will divide all managers in two leagues (top managers in

    one, the rest in another) and then bring a mid-season tourney among the top contenders of both leagues head-on. That is

    still under review though and depends on how many people want in.

    The league(s) will have a roto style format 5x5 setting. I plan to assemble the league every year starting this season. If

    you play this year and decide to skip the next that is all fine. That's why I rather make it with no keepers... with a new

    fresh live draft every year.

    If you are interested email me either at beat_the_commish@yahoo.com or at jgarciriz@yahoo.com. Include how many years you

    have played fantasy baseball and a link to your yahoo fantasy profile. Cyberbullies please stay away.


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