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  • Big D Is The NASCAR Man! Big D Is The NASCAR Man! Jan 6, 2009 2:03 PM Flag

    looking to join a league

    i'm only in 2 leagues, anyone out here got a very competitive league, just wondering. Post the info. needed to join and I will definitely be happy to join anyone's league.

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    • I got a fairly new league. Not too many people in it yet. Makes for a better chance to win.

      The Longest Drive...Yet

      Group Id: 3050

      Password: Swing

      I'm sure it'll be competitve. What part of golf isn't?

    • Have a league I am calling foursomes.. It is a head to head team game. 48 players will be divided into 12 teams and there will be won lost records and a standings throughout the year.. My other league is just a regular yahoo individual league, but I am leaning toward, doing some kind of game on the side or dropping a couple of scores as well. If interested drop me a line at eddino55@yahoo.com. I have 7 spots open in the foursomes game and just one slot left in the individual one,

    • Looking for old vets and new players
      Competitive .... also play against other leagues in The league Of Leagues!!! Jump on in!!! We lost a few members and need new blood!!! Got a good core but need more!!

      ID 4869
      Password newford


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