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  • Think Pink Think Pink Aug 6, 2008 2:03 AM Flag

    List of our Problems

    I don't know who the World Court thinks they are. I don't see anything about a World Court in the Constitution. I want to thank the Governor of Texas, who was democratically elected by the citizens who live in Texas, for enforcing Texas law, that was enacted by legislators democratically elected by the citizens of Texas, and executing José Ernesto Medellín for the 1993 brutal rape and murder of two teenage girls.

    This worthless sack of sh!t should have been done away with a long time ago. The World Court should take notice that the state of Texas doesn't give a hoot what they think or what they say in the Hague.

    The bottom line is that if you rape and murder in Texas you'll get the hot shot in the arms you scum sucking vermin!

    Take notice and pay heed you idiots who call yourselves citizens of the globe. Texans don't play that game, and if you f*ck up in Texas you will have the full power of the law applied to your puss ridden carcass too!

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    • I don't think anybody has anything against a criminal being brought to justice. I oppose the death penalty, though. The reason is that the American judicial system makes too many mistakes.
      Today Steven Charles Phillips became the 18th man to be exonerated by DNA evidence in Dallas County. That is the most in any county in the U.S. That doesn't mean that Dallas County has had so many more wrong verdicts passed than any other county. The number of mistakes is likely similar everywhere in the U.S. The reason Dallas County has the lead in exonerations is because they are one of the few counties that actually preserves evidence for a long time (like 20 years). Many other innocent victims throughout the U.S., who could have been exonerated by DNA, cannot be because the evidence in their cases has long been destroyed.

      Back to the World Court: the reason the World Court tried to have the Medellin execution halted, was because he (and other Mexicans in other cases) were deprived of their right to legal counseling by the Mexican Consulate. The U.S. signed an international agreement to do this, so it is, once again, not keeping it's international commitments. This agreement is a good thing, because it protects Americans abroad. Because of it, an American arrested in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan, for example, will always have the help of our consulate.

    • I believe in the death penalty.......but i also believe in abortion too......don't know how you feel about that....but i do agree with the death penalty....only thing i dont agree with is paying for 10 yrs of case appeals and such before doing it....if your guilty you should have one appeal...if still found guilty...straight to the chair...no ifs ands or buts


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