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  • Pointman Pointman Aug 3, 2008 9:07 PM Flag

    Liberal Press Clippings

    Boo-yah on the gafs by flip-floppers on the Iraq War! They are tame compared to the crap we had to put up with from the unpatriotic, cowardly left that abandoned so many in South Vietnam to death and lives of endless humiliation from the communists.

    I remember this jewel from Jane Fonda.
    "If you knew what communism truly was, you would get on your hands and knees and pray that one day we [U.S.] would be communist."

    Communism has certainly worked well for millions of people. Too bad the dead tell no tales. I always thought it was too bad that Jane didn’t move to Russia. What a coward she was. She lives the most capitalistic lifestyle in the world. The biggest flip-flpper of all.

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