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  • EZ$ EZ$ Aug 12, 2008 9:55 AM Flag

    Liberal Press Clippings

    There is a former Soviet Republic that has embraced democracy. It has applied to join Nato. It sent troops to support the coalition in Iraq. I'm talking about the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, home of Joseph Stalin.

    Russia is conquering Georgia and destroying a democracy as we speak. What do liberals have to say about it? Basically the same thing they said when Ronald Reagan refused to peacefully coexist with the Evil Soviet Empire, the liberals are running up the white flags of surrender and sounding retreat.

    LIberal mouthpiece Joe Klein writes in Time yesterday that Neo-Cons are "OVERREACTING" on the Russia-Georgia conflict and claiming it is "raining nazis."

    Well poor Joe needs to wipe the egg off his face because events are moving so fast that even Barack Obama has had to change his tune over these first 48 hours and realize the Neo-Cons got it right again.

    Obama is headed for a huge defeat this fall and Joe Klein will get a pay cut as the ad revenues for Time keep heading south.

    The important thing is that Joe Klein and the other liberals will have abandoned a fledgling democracy in Georgia to certain death. That's the promise of the liberal media.


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