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  • Think Pink Think Pink Jul 22, 2008 2:47 PM Flag

    The Political Golf Thread

    If scientists want to exercise leadership in a society then they need to quit calling debate useless and counterproductive. No argument that can't withstand vigorous public debate is worthwhile.

    If scientists want to exercise leadership in a democracy then let them run for office and gain a leadership position through an open election. Scientists claiming that they should lead because of the "correctness" of their ideas is elitist and undemocratic.

    An alternative and just as credible hypothesis is that global warming isn’t as severe as politicians and its advocates claim, and if proposals for how to fix it are likely not to produce reliable results anyway, then why should we do anything about global warming? Why shouldn’t we instead focus government attention and resources on easier to verify environmental problems that we can fix, such as reducing air pollution or water pollution?

    Calling for and end to debate and demanding drastic changes to our economic and social systems based on an unproven hypothesis is simply irresponsible. The proponents of the idea that global warming threatens mankind with extinction are irresponble in light of the scientific evidence.

    The ARGO project involves thousands of robotic buoys that measure water temperatures at many different depths. Its report are interesting because they fly in the face of conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is that global warming is happening fast and that it’s an impending disaster. Interestingly, the ARGO results show no change in global ocean temperatures over the last half decade. Scientists don’t yet know why, and it will take a lot more study to figure this out – predictions were that the ocean temperatures would change. But they haven’t, so global warming might just not be quite as dire as some predicted, or at least significantly more complicated than was thought twenty years ago.

    haven’t found global warming to be all that global, with some regions like the equator holding stable ever since they began their measurements, whereas some regions in the northern hemisphere warming, and some in the southern hemisphere only minimally warming. Meanwhile no locality and no global average temperatures overall, however, are higher than temperatures during the Holocene Maximum, when the Earth was warmest, after which there was the Little Ice Age and since then a general warming trend that topped off in 1998. We could be on a warming trend that will exceed the Holocene Maximum, but we could also be at the beginning of a cooling trend, since global average temperatures have been holding fairly steady since 1998.

    In light of this scientifc evidence there is no necessity to take any action at all right away, except for that action that attacks enviromental problems we do have an understanding of, water pollution and air pollution.


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