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  • Think Pink Think Pink Jul 22, 2008 2:59 AM Flag

    Barak=Total Disaster

    Dude, your post does not make any sense at all. You forgot a "not" somehwere. You usually post jibberish, but this is just ridiculous.

    Re: Barak=Total Disaster 21-Jul-08 03:11 pm
    your freedoms are threatened by the 1 billion (or so) who wear turbins, but they are threatened some extreme factions (like the Mafia, Bloods, Al-Qaeda, Oklahoma City bombers, Cheney's wire-tapping, etc...).

    Why do you call it Cheney's wiretapping. Barack Obama voted to continue the current policy and to protect tele-communications companies from any and all lawsuits for any and all acts committed since the expiration of the last congressional approval.

    You aren't interested in accuracy or credibility at all are you. Are you going to change your JWild to my name now and look in your dictionary of adolscent insults to fill up your next post. I hate to keep making you look like such an utter fool, but if you keep throwing these fats ones I'm going to keep taking you deep.


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