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  • fup duck fup duck Jul 15, 2008 8:18 PM Flag

    Barak=Total Disaster

    I use the word futile not to diminish the efforts of individuals who are carrying out their orders, but as a description of the relative gains (versus loses) that has taken place over the course of the war...once committing to a military actions (justified by the lies of WMDs), the end result of this long-term action (weighing the benefits versus the costs) has been horrid. Hard to imagine how we could top Hussein, but Bush/Cheney have actually created a worse situation than existed before (even if there has been some small improvement in a few areas), the overall costs have been atrocious, and continue. Removing all troops in 16 months might not be possible ....we're entrenched now so deeply, but recognition of costs certainly has most of us wanting US to extract from Iraq, ASAP....yet strangely, Bush/Cheney/McCain only talk about an endless war....and that's not very popular to the world, or to most voters in the US who are tired of seeing all our resources exported into fighting a war that has no end and no real purpose. We are being led by morons. And quite frankly, if the Republicans (or Democrats) with the same qualities (lack of) are elected again, then it shows that most of us in the U.S. are morons as well. We are a nation of morons, leading a species hell-bent on extinction. Go Ernie Els


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