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  • ABlueMenace ABlueMenace Jun 30, 2008 12:10 PM Flag

    Reason for screwed up scores

    I go to to your single line-up selection page and see a score of 118.

    When I look a the running weekly totals - you have 138.

    It is as if they added the bonus points "20" - added them to the 3rd round total. Then they said "oops", we were was supposed to do that after we calculated the 4th round points. (The final step would be to calculate the bonus points for each players total and then add them to the running total) - BUT it was noticed that they screwed up.

    Therefore those who scored bonus points reveal those points on the "weekly performance" portion only - which is more the each person's single page score, prior to the 4th round.

    Final example, I look up a person X to view his score to see who he played etc. - it shows a Total of 100 Points. Then I want to compare that to the rest of the Group and his weekly performance. The Total shows 120 points on that list. All this after 3 rounds, because they added Perry's winning points BEFORE they bothered to calculate 4th round scores.

    Check it out !

    Somebody screwed up at Yahoo,

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