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  • Beficit Otaxa Beficit Otaxa Jun 25, 2008 1:43 PM Flag

    McCain has Obama on the run! LOL!

    Nice stereotypes. Let's see here, according to Doc you either have to be a far-left liberal or you have to be exactly like Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas. I would call that about a first grade level understanding of a complex and diverse world filled with billions of individual human beings who are all unique.

    It seems like Doc has taken a few too many shots to the head. A little low on brain cells if you understand my point. I do stereotype individuals who get his in the head for a couple of decades and then post nonsense. Cause and effect if you know what I mean.

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    • i think we should come together as all races and hate one group.....and that group should be albinoes......Whether your black, white, hispanic, asian, or middleeastern, we all have something in common..........skin pigment.......but these guys are freaks with no skin color........there's like 2200 of them in the world and all i'm saying is we can take em easy, i figure if your gonna pick a group to hate, why not pick one that you can defeat easily if the time would come when that would become necessary

    • Stereotyping and racism are two totally different things and whether you consider alot of things that are really only stereotyping as racist is based on how hung up you are on racism as a whole..........it's 2008 black men........go fuck a white girl for all most of us care, theres gonna be a few bigots and such, but you gotta just ignore the retards and go on enjoying your life..............you wanna hear something that sounds kinda racist, but I think it's true.........any black man that doesn't wanna work shouldn't have to until 2015 because 275 years of working for free accrues alot of vacation time.........
      after 2015 you gotta clock in like the rest of us

    • What the wingman said and double my order.


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