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    Lets make an exception for

    Tiger Woods. He is at Torrey Pines playing his first round in a cart! I say Tiger be allowed to use a cart in real play. Only Tiger now. He can use it to pack up some Tiger Ade and to run over Phombies and little kids seeking autographs too. Why not? It's TIGER WOODS! Don't you all know how important he is? You must by now. There are at least 10 articles a day on him. The last one describing the color of the shit he took this morning. It was a yellowish blend..sniff it zombies mmm mmmm.

    Hey, we allowed him to use 7 zombies to move a boulder for him, didnt we? (google it if you wanna gag) That boulder would be a nice fit at Stonehenge or maybe even the Pyramids! Hey, it was in his path, wasn't it? And he is Tiger Woods. I say we let Tiger have his cart. Let the homo Steve still carry the bag to make it "fair". And we will also have stone masons on hand in case any more boulders are in the way and lumberjacks as well to trim branches for iddle widdle tigger. After all, not many can make that shot Phil did on 18 that day.

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