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  • The jibberish, idiotic, and incoherent ranting have reached an all time high. Kurt, and his clone, need to be gone from this board. It was bad enough that we had 1, but now he went out and duplicated himself. AWESOME. I am blocking AND reporting both of them. Everybody please follow my lead. This message board wasnt meant for this crap.

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    • Heard same crap thirty years ago. NFL had a public service ad in 1972 where an eight year old begs us to conserve gas or there won't be any when he's old enough to drive. The kid has been driving for thirty yeas now. The campaign was don't be fuelish.I hope the government does not call in all its debts as I got a small business loan after Katrina.

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      • chuck, it is really scary to think what might happen. i want to make a difference, go out there and do something about it. but its me against the world buddy. i have been trying for 5+ years now. i apologize to kurt for bringing him into this mess, but this is a very sensitive subject for me. personally i have no clue what kurt does with his time. i know he posts a lot on here so he doesnt have a whole lot of time to do anything else (but who knows he could be productive with his free time). i just felt like he was being lazy (like ive seen too many people) since he posts on here so much. but in case you are interested about the debt situation and the type of crisis that could occur when the value of the dollar plummets. read the article below, it is very in depth and a great read. i hope i'm dead and gone before it all goes under. god bless you buddy.


      • much bigger problem in this country........people who let their kids turn into spoiled fuquin brats....the "sweet sixteen" generation sucks

    • Bottled water is a bigger farce than gas.....most people look at city water and see white specks and think dirty......but they dont realize that majority is actually nationally mandated amounts of floride which must be put into water....plus the average person will accumulate a three foot cubed piece of trash from the bottles they use in the next five years....but thats pop and water though

    • doesnt matter chuck. I just thought i would try and make a difference, since kurt seems to have some real issues. but kurt is just an example of 1 lazy person. it took a nation filled with lazy people to bring our nation to this future crisis. trust me guys it is going to be scary, im probably going to move out of the country before the banks go under and we have a financial crisis. the nations debt is out of hand as it is now, and only getting worse. check for yourself. in case you cant read that many numbers its 9 trillion dollars in debt


    • all people gotta do is quit living champagne lifestyles on beer budgets and buy things they need and have earned.....not put 20,000 worth of stuff on credit.................i don't have any debt....a mediocre car gets me where i need to go, and i get to do what i want.......all i gotta do is not live outside my means......people of this country need to do the same...they spend everything they have and don't prepare them selves for slight recessions this country goes thru about once every twelve years and this always happens.............oh and if everyone would beat their kids more they wouldnt be so bad and they wouldnt all have to buy their kids so much useless crap to shut them up

    • Chief, Floss is also a lost cause. You can't argue with a punching bag!!! Like I said Floss doesn't even have a car. He really doesn't.

      Chief the scary thing is that you're right. Seriously by the end of the year gas will be at $8.00 a gallon. That's a fact. The sky is the limit from there on out.

    • Hail to the Kurt. No hail to the chief.Who cares how much time anyone spends on this board. I would rather see Kurt on this board than guys hawking 10 cent sports betting.

    • If you dont like what he has to say....just block him.....it's that easy.....but his rambling....no matter how childish and stupid....isn't really hurting anyone

    • listen asshole you may be the double..your a little wise ass always on the scene from the shadows..its probably you..Any moron who would root for a cheap ass losin time like KC is a degenerate right there...Len Dawson is a faggot too..If i get bounced because of you, i promise you will see me again....If you are so fuckin stupid to not read aburdi55 and see he is the imposter...than do what you have to do...just so the others and the zombies know not to trust a whiney little rat likr yourseld GO RAIDERS who who who he he he


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