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  • flossin711© flossin711© May 28, 2008 6:02 PM Flag

    do you miss fantasy football??

    I'd like to see you actually write something relevant....then i might actually think more of you then the coffee pouring,parking validating dry cleaning pickup boy you act like.....no one with "true" business class would waste as much time on a message board as you do......If you were really a "hotshot", you'd have better things and people to do.....I may not work in an office, but I still support myself with no help.....and I don't come around acting like some hotshot office dude who in real life can't get brenda from accounting to go out for some coffe because everyone in the office thinks I'm that creepy bald guy who breathes too hard.........oooops....coffee's cold again

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    • soup's bald?!

      Is Brenda hot?

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      • Yes I'm bald and brenda is hot. I pour coffee for a living,,,, I'm the guy from the office that wants his cake and ask's "have you seen my stapler?"

        Hahaha, Yeah right. Floss. C'mon Bro. I know you're not very smart. But really. Really?

        I work my A$$ off bro. Your definition of a Successful business person is ridiculous. I'm not going to sit here and have a pi$$ing contest with you. You keep coming up with your clever stories though, pretty entertaining.

        You win Floss.

        Excuse me for checking the board every couple of hours in a busy day. It's a tiny break from all the crap I have to deal with over here. Cause this board cracks me up. You're funny.

        Thank you Floss.

        Again you've proven what a F'N Idiot you are.


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