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  • 7 7 May 22, 2008 11:47 PM Flag

    working hard

    Yeah Floss,,, sure buddy I'm the one with the ego? This coming from the guy that goes on and on about everything you do and all the blah blah blah. Saw your girl bro,,, she weigh like 3 bills or what? Congrat's you da man.


    • I don't think what i do would be called an ego since I don't really "brag" about what I do. Just making conversation with interesting people.....and a few not so much. Oh, as for my "3 bill girl.......she is a little thicker and she may have alittle more booty, but i need a little more cushion for the pushin so I don't hurt it when I'm beating it up like it stole something........................and it's awesome

    • Damn talking bout girlfriend, now that's a new low.



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