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  • Raul Raul May 21, 2008 1:00 AM Flag

    Belmont Stakes...Triple Crown??

    Will Big Brown do it? He has that Tiger mentality so I think he has a shot. If he was like Phat Phil, he would have found a way to run off the track and into water.

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    • LMAO@ PGA using fake noises in their broadcasts.....hey was he the guy that did the flamingo in New York or something like that a couple years back

    • Floss I'm sorry,,, bro there's just no hope for you buddy.

    • Wow floss I must of hit a nerve sorry buddy. Oh and by the way I don't work in a cube. I work for a major firm with a very nice office with a great view. Yes I know this means nothing to you I'm just responding to your BS. You ask what a Grinder is or Grind or someone who goes through the daily grind. Grind or Grinding is getting the job done and taking care of everything that needs to be done with out cutting any corner's and becoming top rank at whatever it is you do., You Moron.

      Go play some video games in your mom's house and don't be late to your next cage fight.

    • Thats a little harsh Floss..Soup has much to be proud of..after all, he has done the bird chirps at Augusta for TV and they have signed him long term..They dont need the real birds with soup there..And he has taught this fine art to many Zombie who use it to trap Koala, especially if an Aussie is near the top of the leader board..Zombie will never starve as long as soup is there....

    • I won't know what to think until pimpseeker gets on here and tells me.

      • 1 Reply to uncle chuck
      • It was 1981 and i'm at Belmont Park and its a few weeks before the Belmont Stakes. Genuine Risk had won the Derby that year, a filly.. But it was a weak crop of 3 year olds who were taking turns beating each other.. Anyway, I'm at Belmont Park this day and there is a prep for good horses.trying to work their way into the Belmont. I had the winner and won it by 5! BUT..

        There was a blur who came out of the clouds to get second and a few strides after the wire, he blows by my horse who had him by 5 at the finish....Back then I used binoculars and I spotted this big SOB. His name was Temperance Hill. And he was trained by Joe Canty, husband of southern beauty horse woman Charlsie Canty who did color on TV.

        Anyway, I'm standing next to this drunk who is looking down at Joe Canty and he's yelling.."Thats your Belmont Mr. Canty. Thats your Belmont." The guy was drunk but nicely dressed and if he didn't say it 20Xs , he didn't say it once..."Thats your Belmont Mr. Canty, thats your Belmont". Now Joe Canty is looking up at the dude like he wants to kill him..I was right next to the dude and his glare is killin me too. "Thats your Belmont Mr. Canty" Finally Canty unsaddles him looks like he's gonna come up and punch this guy out... but he don't...

        Flash foward to the Belmont and I'm going over the Tele and see Temperance Hill...And I see the close on paper and he is getting an extra half mile now!..Still, he is moving way up in class and he is still very green..And it's muddy and I see no mud form...And he's 50-1! I keep remembering the drunk but try to talk myself out of it..Alot of times, what you see isn't always what will be for the next time..This was too perfect. Anyway..

        The day is going great for me and i'm up like $1300 which was alot, thenI hear "Temperance Hill is now wearing mud calks"! They are special shoes for extra traction. Perfectly legal but many trainers don't like to mess with a horse's shoes, especially race day..So i'm with my brother and brother in law and we are bombed and laughing and winning and i'm telling them the story and there teasing me with it goin "Thats your Belmont Mr. Canty' They hate the horse and are serious players who dont like stories and omens and shit like that..I don't even like him myself BUT...

        The mud calk thing was too much for me...I go to the windows and DUMP on this 50-1 shot. Win Place Show Exactas Trifecta boxes...I DUMP. And they're off.! Thick mud and a huge field.. they are on the far turn and he's nowhere. Straighten out and I see with the binocs, a horse passing everything like picking cherries and in a sec, comes up to a wall of horses and is trapped. Full of run and trapped! He actually has to pull up and check and that hurts but like Moses and the Red Sea, the rail suddenly opens up for him and he kicks through and wins!

        Kurt is coming in his pants now..Never had so large a hit in my life..I walk out catching him paying $100 plus for every deuce PLUS the exacta PLUS half a trifecta on a box ticket....The smoke clears and we are walking out with $22,000...We were stuffing twentys into g strings at some titty bar half the night!

        True story..I owe that drunk everything for that. Canty knew what he had and thats why he wanted to kill this guy but...me and him are probably the only ones who hear it because the horse is let go and pays like $105 !..

        Destiny...Omens...unbelievable.. It was all right under my nose and I still ignored it till the mud calks...Then I was like posessed..LOL..Thats your Belmont Mr. Canty..Thats your Belmont! Now every year since, I always hang that on whatever horse I like..This year..Wanna say Thats your Belmont Big Brown..But i'll need the tele. I hear there is a Japanese horse in there who is classy and is very fresh,,I love the smell of horse manure..It smells like ..VICTORY! :-)

    • keep making fun of my lifestyle, but i got the receptionist rubbing my shoulders at the gym while i type this for you........she's been reading the last few das posts with me and she thinks your a douchebag too...........her suggestion was a couple shots and some booty.....cause she thinks you a dick too

    • By the way......working the window at Taco Bell isn't a "grinder"

    • Wow soup, you really got us there......You are sooo smart and funny too. I am so glad you straightened me out on everything that I do wrong on the message board as far as proper content goes. I know it is sooooooo rude for people to actually talk about their lives to other people. It is so strange for people to use humor to try and change the day of others around them. I mean who would ever believe that people that don't know each other might use dry humor and things of that nature to talk to people they've ever met. I swear, me and Kurt must be the only two guys in the world that find this stuff funny. And never mind the fact that you've never actually put anything even semi relevant to anything conversation wise, but I understand, you are way too busy policing what people should and shouldn't say so you don't have time for actually typing anything that isn't downgrading someone else...............The world is a better place because we have people like soup to let us know what is and isn't appropriate or intelligent...............even though I've never actually heard him say anything intelligent.......Also thank you for showing me the error of my ways because i used to think that if you don't agree with something that someone says that you would just simply put them on ignore.....but you showed me the light and taught me that iggy isn't the way to go
      .....It's much better to downgrade them.........maybe if you went out and actually accomplished a few things in your life before heading to the board, you'd have something to brag about.......but you remind me of the type of guy that strikes out at the company coed softball game and then goes home and takes the fact that you suck out on other people. I'll forever talk about my accomplishments because they are just that.....MY accomplishments...........maybe if you did something special with your life rather than deciding that you enjoy being a cubicle drone who can't, you might have something interesting or even valid to talk about. You call yourself a grinder....what the hell does that even mean....I pay taxes, and I've always paid my own way so if you mean someone else's bitch that's fine, you can stay that way, but I believe in the American dream and every day I get to live it. Don't hate

    • Thats it..He asked for this

      WAH WAH WAAAAAAH.Soupie Downer!

      JK soup but god bro..lighten up man..this is just not you...

    • Kurt bro are you walking funny this morning? You and Floss have a late night???? hahaha,,, no no Seriously,,, say i'm negative all you want to I'm just throwing out the facts and telling it how it is. Both of you are stuck in a dream world,,,, of your selves. Legends in your own mind. I'm just Keeping it real, that's all. Keep on cheering for yourselves though. The one's who feel the need to talk about themeselfs or brag about accomplishments (on a golf fantasy board) really haven't done Sh$t. It's the people, the grinder's that do what they have do on a daily basis, get paid, get what awards they have coming to them but yet know who they are and that there is no need to brag or try to prove they are better then anybody else. If you only knew. This message will make no sense to you two "smart" guys though. Waste of my time.

      "Awesome Zombie"

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