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  • Jeff E Jeff E May 15, 2008 2:28 PM Flag

    Ben Crane

    FK this pisses me off. Every week I wait until the deadline to make sure noone pulls a fast one last minute. How the fk should I be at fault and get penalized because this dickwad decides he doesn't want to play when he rolls out of bed right before his round.


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    • Glad I picked Perry for the round. Hate it when guys WD cause they can't make up their f'in minds before the round begins.

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      • It's one thing if you don't change your line up prior to the deadline, but It's total BS that if you choose a player that is all good prior to the deadline, you get HOSED if they decide to drop out!

        In this case, your bench player's score should be used. There has to be a way Yahoo can track to see who actually made changes and got screwed by a player WDing!

      • They need to start fining these players and/or docking them points or better yet suspending them when they don't honor their commitments. If they can provide a valid medical reason for their absence so be it, otherwise start suspending them from the tour. All other real sports still provide injury status well prior to game day, so at least everyone would be aware of what is going on and whether you should pick someone or not. This is total bull!


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