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  • A Yahoo! User May 13, 2008 7:21 PM Flag

    Zombies invade Spain !!

    Fearing the worst, that Sergio has finally turned the corner and delevered on all his promise and talent..Zombies launched a sneak attack on Spain early this morning. They kidnapped Seve and burned Olazabals house to the ground. They went to Sergio's and broke all the windows of his house with errant bouncy bally drives..These Zombie remembered the Showdown in the Desert a few years back where Sergio whipped Tigger like a little biatch for a cool million.. ! Now they fear he will be too strong for Tigger and are holding Seve until Sergio withdraws from the US Open. Meanwhile Kurt and Paula have announced that they will provide security for Sergio and Phil at the Open.Kurt and Paula have tremendous chemistry together and are very comitted to their work. Michelle also will send elements of The Wie and Marauder and Fluff will provide extra protection as well...Oh the terrible scourge of the Zombie. Hurry back Eldrick..they can't function without you

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