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  • 7 7 May 13, 2008 10:05 PM Flag

    Zombies invade Spain !!

    Hurry back Phil the Phombies can't function without you... ohh wait that's right. Phil hasn't gone anywhere, except for his golf game which of course continues to spiral downhill. What's that kurt?

    • Kurt I can admit that he was sick last week and didnt pull a driscoll but thats about it with a 78 on the last day

    • Soup, why cant you admit that Phil played so well for a man who had the F#@in flu? I am not making excuses for him...ask Dottie Pepper and Johnny Miller...people get sick. He can still make this year his.....now go and wipe that snot from off your nose

      ps I do at least give you some credit for admitting you were wrong about Sergio after wasting everyones time with a special post predicting his weekend collapse...that was even better than my derby picks


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