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  • uncle chuck uncle chuck May 13, 2008 10:49 PM Flag

    throwing up my picks

    You can tell Floss is a much younger man than myself. While he is throwing up picks I'm just throwing up.

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    • I don't know what my age has tro do with it, i'm relatively new to fantasy sports and I've scored 1300 since the arnold when i started. I've gained almost 40,000 spots since i started. But i just pick based on past tourney results and a little intuition......sorry if i don't live for fantasy sports you dorks..........maybe you shold all put away the keyboards and walk out of your moms basement(uncle chuck) you probably look like a cross between a hobo and an albino......awesome

    • sorry i don't go off of hours of data I've collected but unlike some people i actually have a life away from fantasy sports.......And who ever it was that said you didn't like Cink your a moron because he has played reasonably well every week and this weeks talent is pretty thin.....sounds like a recipe for success to me.......and Zack johnson has been playing like the man here