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  • Ok Im new to Fantasy Golf but I want to play it starting at the 2nd half (May 17).

    Will the winner of a league be based on total season points or by 1st half/2nd half separately? Like I would have 0 1st Half points but I would have the most in the 2nd half, will I win anything (ie Trophy)? Just curious.

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    • I decided to create a group.

      Aimed for new starters (like ppl who never played Yahoo! Fantasy Golf but know golf) and ppl looking for a fresh start.

      Link to info:


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      • russian...post your league on the board here and then bump it to the top every half a day or so. Remember to tell everyone in your post that your league is for players with 0 points and to NOT set their rosters until week 20, so that they won't be earning points before the league starts. In this regard you make want to title your post "Zero Points League" or something to that effect. Also, make clear in your post that your league is starting after the Players Championship, if that is what you are planning to do. You will, of course, also need to include the league ID and password so the interested can join. I like to put a link to the Yahoo! Fantasy Golf main page in there. It makes the job of getting started alot easier for those who would like to give it a go.

        Remember, you only get one chance to get your league started. After week 20 starts and the rosters are set, you can't add ANYBODY, so you've got to act fast. You might want to post a message on Yahoo! Answers. I have found this to be very effective in filling a 50 team league. Just title it "Would anyone like to Play Yahoo! Fantasy Golf?" Then put in your explanation and your league ID number and password so they can join. Again, I have found it immensely helpful to include a link to the Yahoo! Fantasy Golf main page, especially when posting on Yahoo! Answers. Sometimes folks in Yahoo! Answers don't know their way around Yahoo! all that much. You can put your post in the Sports=>Golf section of Yahoo! Answers.

        Also, remember, you'll have to kick out the ones who enter your league with points or who join and then get points too early. To do this first make sure you have a note up on the league message board explaining your policy. They will know already because of your post to join, but it's still best to do this I have found. In the Commissioner's Tools you will find the tools you need to remove a team.

        Overall, the best thing to do is to take care of business on the front end and then just banish them for keeps who enter but aren't qualified...

        GOOD LUCK with your league!

    • Don't forget the gold star award's and of course Smiley face, Congrat's to the future winers.

    • No trophy in the overall for second half performance, but you might want to do a message board search for a second half league. They pop up sometimes this time of year. I do think that in a league you can get a trophy no matter when the league starts, but I am definitely not sure. Again I may be wrong but I think the only requirement is number of teams in the league (10 or 12?). If you find a 2nd half league, you can ask someone in the league if trophies are awarded to the top 3.

      If you have not already started accumulating points, you might want to wait to set a roster until you find a league. One of the requirements to join such a league would likely be that you have 0 points.

      To find a league, look for the search window above the messages on this message board and type in 2nd half or 2nd half league. You should get some results.

      hope this helps...

    • You can definitely win the second half, but I dont think you would get a trophy. I think those only go to overall winners.


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