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  • RodgerK RodgerK Apr 28, 2008 10:36 AM Flag

    Phil vs. Tiger

    Phil's got a load of talent, but what's with the 45 degree angle for his practice stroke? Can a belly putter, cross-handed, claw grip be far behind? Tiger, the mere mortal, took his lumps at Augusta and still finished second ! He's a pretty sure bet to out-distance Jack, in future years, but he's got to stay healthy and keep his focus. Has anyone ever noticed that Tiger gets a little "wristy' when he's having trouble with green speeds? It's not much, but it's the only flaw I've ever seen in his game.

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    • Phil and Tiger both started as childhood prodigy's. They are only like 3 yrs apart in age. Both have excellent, drives, second shots, short game and putting......when either is on. The truth is the only difference is that tiger over the last ten has been on a little more often. They would beat each other on any given day. Is one better than the other though...depends who's day it is. Only true equalizer for this argument is the standings which has Tiger at one and has Phil number two....but I think it really depends on the day.......they'd both smoke anyone of you bitches......although Phil has much nicer tits

    • You know nothing to golf. The best is Jean Van de Velde :o

    • Kurt just said Tiger played young how old was phil when he started I know he is only left from trying to swing like his dad he also chokes more than any living golfer cowhawk

    • In natural talent, Phil blows Tiger away. Dont forget Tiger was raised as a golf android right from the crib, actually a form of child abuse may Earl rest in peace..I know he meant well. Actually on natural talent and creativity, Phil is ahead of just about everyone. Sergio comes close and this Adam Scott may as well. The thing about Phil, is his approach to the game, a notorious risk taker for years, he finally toned it down and won his majors but I believe that in the long run it hurt him. Phil has to be having fun and needs to feel the adrenaline of risk taking. This brings out his creativity, not just around the greens where he is unsurpassed but his whole approach. The thing about Phil is that he is like a big baby still. Thats why we have not seen the best from him yet. Now that he is taking his conditioning seriously, watch out. He will win two majors this year. Maybe 3. When Phil brings his A game, nobody beats him, NOBODY !These are the facts. Not conjecture.


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