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  • flossin711© flossin711© Apr 30, 2008 12:52 AM Flag

    Who thinks the new Phil commercials

    I'm not fat, don't have a drinking problem....and can't hit the ball nearly that far that often....so I don't know what would remind you of me other than shirt off.......and fact that only John Daly and myself are willing to put pics up, instead of cracking on other appearances without being willing to put a picture up.......butt...err i mean backpacking and "hot chicks" hahaha..........awesome

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    • Floss, lol buddy. Really. I love your consistency at the very least. Something I never expected from river folk.

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      • err. I mean river folk, although we do have a small creek that runs thru our town. It's about 3 feet wide and the only thing in it is a little bit of trash.....so i don't think that counts

      • Well, I dont know what part of the country your from, but i'll tell you this, we rank first in student to scholarship ratio in the whole country.....so you might wanna get to checking on that education your kids might be getting. I graduated from a communications school that cost the military over 100 grand and only lasted 6 monthes. 3.97 gpa at the Ohio State University. 25 on the ACT's amd a 98 on my ASVAB military entrance exam. Us hill folk musta got us sum new buks or sumthin, cuz we be learning a lil bit weller than the rest of ya'll. And since everybody is gonna start ragging me about my "resume", I'm just adding a little bit of evidence to my side of my case. Oh, and you might want to do a little bit of research on Central Ohio, along with 75% of the midwest. It is so flat here it sucks, cant even find good sledding hill within 20 miles of my home, so I'm not a "hill folk"

      • Phil is killing his image. He's aligned with the corrupt and evil oil companies. Just think how he sold out on America and endorsed the gas company that is charging you $80+ to fill your tank. Talk about greed.


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