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    FREE Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Spreadsheets

    If you are looking to get an advantage on the competition in the Yahoo! Fantasy Golf game, try these FREE tools. Keep track of all your roster information and track key performance evaluation data. "2008 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Roster Data" is a valuable tool which makes it possible for you to compare your scores to the overall Yahoo! best and to the overall Yahoo! best weeks. For first time spreadsheet users, the files are easy to work with and will improve your scores immediately. They are available in the Microsoft Works format and in the Microsoft EXCEL format. Files in the EXCEL format are listed as EXCEL. Here are the file names:

    FREE 2008 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Best Overall and Team Statistics.wks
    FREE 2008 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Roster Data.wks
    Roster Data Hope Week 2.wks
    Roster Data Hope Week4.wks
    FREE 2003-2007 PGA Low Rounds.wks
    FREE PGA Winners 1999-2006.wks
    FREE EXCEL 2008 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Best Overall and Team Statistics.xls
    FREE EXCEL 2008 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Roster Data.xls
    FREE EXCEL Roster Data Hope Week 2.xls
    FREE EXCEL Roster Data Hope Week4.xls
    FREE EXCEL 2003-2007 PGA Low Rounds.xls
    FREE EXCEL PGA Winners 1999-2006.xls
    Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Sheets README.txt

    Download the short README file for valuable information on the use of the files.

    To download these FREE files visit my "share page" at Keep and Share at the following link and download the files from there:


    If you haven't taken advantage yet, give them a try!

    For any who have downloaded a previous version of the "2008 Yahoo! Fantasy Golf Roster Data" and "2003-2007 PGA Low Rounds" files, there have been some minor adjustments. Some great charts have been added to the Microsoft Works version of the "Roster Data" file and the heading language slightly altered to make the file more user friendly. Some keys have been added for reference to the "Low Rounds" file. Also, the README has been slightly altered to explain the updated files. Some charts have also been added to the "Best Overall and Team Statistics" file. These are particularly helpful, but are available, again, only in the Microsoft Works version of the file.

    I recommend the Works versions of the spreadsheets. All the files were made in Works, and the EXCEL versions function perfectly in either EXCEL or Works, but, unfortunately, the charts created in Works did not survive the the conversion process to the EXCEL format. I have no idea why other than that Works charts must not be compatable with EXCEL.

    If you do not have a copy of Microsoft Works. I highly recommend finding one compatable with your operating system. Works is simple and very efficient, especially for using spreadsheets, if not for creating them...a copy can be purchased for less than $10...a Google search will do the job to find a copy...

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