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  • Dallas Duke Dallas Duke Apr 25, 2008 9:47 PM Flag

    aussies showing the way again

    If its so great there why dont they stay in aust. and play. Seems to me we all need each other. There is nothing wrong with loving where you are from. But sunday is still 2 days away. All 3 of them have choked this year also . I had them on my team. And still have 1. The money in golf is in the Good Old USA!!!!!!!!!!!! No hate just making a stand Thanks the Cowhawk

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    • im only going on smart comments by some people saying americans are better than aussies, which is crap, just do the percentages of players playing and the countrys population and work out who is better pound 4 pound then u all will realise the aussies can hold it agaisnt anyone. and this is happening in every tournament not just this one, how about the quality of aussies that arnt even playing this week, appleby, o'hern, baddeley, lonard, green,day.

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      • Its just typical americans thinking they are better than everyone. We used to be a dominant country, but recently people are taking it for granted and you can see the effect. Other countries are starting to catch up and are matching us in production and innovation. I won't go on a political schpeel here, but I will say that it all starts at the top. Where is our government focusing too much of its time....overseas. We need to stop worrying about what other do and worry more about getting the most of what we have. Nuff said.


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