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    2008 masters was horrible

    i love golf and love the masters which i think is usually the best tourny of the year. Lets just say i was let down at the least from this years tourny. The course was playing different it was favoring the real precise hitter and length and imgination didnt ever come into play. Just look at Immelman or whatever his name is i dont care play, the rest of the year and backing his suppos masters win, dead last anyone. The guy is the last thing from a masters champion. This is hurting the game very much because it get more ppl like me out of watching the pgatour and just playing. The only reason he won is because tiger the god woods had cartilage damage in his left knee and still ended up 2nd place, 3 strokes back from the champion that hit the ball in the water coming down the stretch. IF TIGER WAS JUST 80% that week and made 1 of 100 putts he missed he would have easily won. Lets see what happ when tiger comes back healthy, another streak! take advantage his being gone, maybe the choke artist garcia will win one.

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    • Hippo H7, thanks for asking ab2ski

    • You, sir, have apparently never set foot on the hallowed grounds of Augusta National. The course is lenient to no one. And furthermore, if Tiger had felt his knee would have seriously hindered him, do you think he would have been foolish enough to risk further injury by not having his (minimally invasive) procedure well before The Masters? Tiger's knee was, as it should have a been, a non-story during Masters week. I wish no ill upon Tiger, but if his "Grand Slam" hopes were still possible, I doubt the surgery would be taking place even now.

      As for the 2008 Masters Champion, Immelman played exceptionally well for four days at Augusta National Golf Club, which incidentally, is exactly what it takes to win The Masters, year after year. End of story. He played terribly today at the TPC Las Colinas, but so what? He played better than Tiger and every other golfer in the tournament at The Masters, so for those four days, he was the best in the field, therefore the champion. Congrats for that to Trevor, and the tour moves along...

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      • that's not true, when I was there they were very kind to me, I only got about two hours there since I was still in training, but I was invited and I did get a short tour of the last five or six holes which were the most beautiful golf holes I've ever seen and I live like ten minutes fromm Muirfield which is a beautiful golf course in the spring, but it doesn't hold a candle to Augusta Nat.........damn. I'm telling people about a wonderful experience I had while serving our countries military and you gotta bug in like your fuckin chuck norris here to right an agregious wrong, don't be such a dick, it's not very becoming

      • Floss, go check out 7/11 and hang out on your slurpee! Live a little? This, coming from the dude who played the banjo riverside? Well, guess you do see a lot of the world on the banks of Tennessee.

    • why would people be making excuses for tiger, if you get second in a tourney that is a positive, for the realistic who know he's not gonna win every week, we realize how awesome it is that even when he plays badly, he is as good or better than most......i.e. putting horribly for four days straight and still gettin second.........and several shots ahead of Phil too. That's what makes him Tiger Woods......that and the fact his parents named him tiger woods

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      • When Tiger is average he is better than just about everyone on a given day, but these Tiger followers think second is'nt good enough. In golf if u finish 2nd out a 100 odd guys thats good, if not great, yet you hear people saying he woulda won had his knee been fine, They can't be happy with 2nd, a real shame! I'll give Tiger his due, he's good, real good, but unbeatable he is not!

      • I believe he was named Eldrick

      • Ok, not trying to start a huge debate with this one but here is what flossin said, " I remember when B. Langer was really good on PGA tour which was quite awhile ago, and I'm only 27, thanks grandpa"....now Langer played in 303 PGA events he won 3...that is not great and its not even good. Top 10's, smends, nobody cares about 2nd place....its about wins.

        I will give Langer a pass since he had not one but two masters wins. I know nothing about the Euro tour and that wasn't even in this conversation.

        Flossin was pimping the dude like he was great, all I was saying is he wasn't that good on the PGA.

        Isn't Monte really good on the Euro tour? How many PGA events has he won? Zero!

    • To all the guys making excuses for TIGER, a bad knee is not gonna affect your putting game, and by the way, he was'nt limping around the course screaming for pain killers, he may have been putting off this surgery for awhile, who knows! Give Trevor his due, He could've folded and did'nt!

    • when the first world golf rankings came out, who was the first person who was ranked the number one player in the world...........I'll let another one of these golf fanatics give you the answer to that one.......survey says..........

    • h o m o

    • you are worse than a Stern fan. Just awful, Kurt. Shoot yourself.

    • Truth Hurts Kurt... He doesn't know what else to say because he doesnt have FACTUAL information to support his argument. That is why he rambles on making asinine predictions about tournaments and Mickelson. When we call him on it he says "Zombies".... Typical response from player haters whose favorite guy/team is always a step below the #1 guy/team in any sport.

    • Typical comeback Kurt.

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