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  • AB2ski AB2ski Apr 14, 2008 12:54 PM Flag

    BBQ at Kurts trailor!

    I saw a pic that someone sent around the net yesterday that showed Kurt BBQing outside his trailor on a 50gal barrel bbq, roasting up several Crows that he could share with Phil. Flossin was so excited about this that he rushed over there to talk so much smack that he ran into a pole and knocked himself out, then proceeded to cuss himself out for being such moronic signal support specialist and mixed-up martial art zombie that he never saw that pole jump out in front of him. At least Kurt felt so bad about this that he at least shared his crow. What a guy.

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    • His interests are pasta, assless leather chaps, elton John, three dollar bills, granola and "Hot Chicks"......also an amateur butt spelunker....but only on the weekends and holidays

    • 1st off, tiger is not going to retire....second off tiger could never act because he could never lose the golfer persona. third off, Kurt don't listen to this granola eating, backpacking treehugger. His biggest decision in life is deciding which path someone else created he's gonna "hike" down today

    • in the words of Ralph Kramden: har har hardy har har

    • Don't forget your official ball park ketchup, mustard and relish

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      • Kurt, how can you say you didn't eat any more crow than those who actually realize that Tiger is the best player in the world, vs. you saying that Phil is better than sliced bread and that he WOULD win the Masters. Phil was in PRIME position to win after Friday. Where did he go? Where did he end up? We do know that Tiger was in a similar position and also had the chance to win it, but where did he end up vs Phil? And, with all your eluding to Tiger being mortal to Jacks immortality, you forget one thing...how many 2nds did Jack have at the Masters at the end of his run? In the end, I bet not only will Tiger beat Jacks majors record, he will beat his masters wins, 2nds, top 3's, 10's and cuts (if you want to disect it that far). But, I will agree on one hard to ignore fact thus far with El Tigre's game...he seems unable to come from behind to win, as Jack had the knack for. Only time will tell where that goes. But, back to sliced bread, how does that taste with bbq crow?

        Flossin...never been knocked out? Are you sure? How about when your parents "corrected" you when you were wrong? That might go well with crow also.

    • i find crow on the tough side, you need to marinade it for a long time, it gets the gamey taste out as well. next time try cornish game hens. those little bast@rds are delicious...

    • I don't eat crow, it's not in my fight diet oh and p.s. I ain't never been knocked out

    • I ate no more crow than your average zombie had to. In fact, they are the ones gagging more what with all the koala they eat and all that silly talk of Tiger against the field and The tiger slam. FYI, Kurt would not share his last anything with that flossin dude. The guys whacko. He hates kids and loves john daly, and whats wit his resume? Who cares if he knows Kung Fu....nuff said

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      • Also.....I am the oldest of nine, but my parents raised us with love and discipline, they taught us that positive people are role models, not just whoever is on television, I care about children, which is why I hate people who blame anyone but a lack of discipline, attention and love(and I don't mean financial love either) for kids being bad. I was taught at a young age right and wrong, then corrected when I didn't follow it, if you don't have the balls to do those things......don't have kids, it'll fix the system

      • What do you mean who cares if I know kung fu, I was talking about being an everyman, which you are obviously not, so this part of the conversation wasnt even for you guys


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