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  • flossin711© flossin711© Apr 14, 2008 12:36 AM Flag

    Is this Kurt guy serious?

    crying that tiger swears too much and that he's finished as a golfer.........I want to personally write out a disclaimer for him...................anyone who reads this: The views and opinions expressed by Kurt in this blog(or probably any conversation in general) are not those of any intelligent person or such type people that any intelligent person would hang out or associate with..........Thank you........The "Real" world

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    • the multiple misspellings of that word were too ironical, i just had to comment

    • hahaha skiing backpacking and hot chicks....more like butt spelunking, asspacking and long dicks

    • Also, while I'm not gonna be one of those guys that claims to have millions and huge house and nice cars, i do have the following

      -Good career as fighter, with supplemental income selling golf clothes

      -enough money to pay my bills(on time), live comfortably, and put a lil back for rainy days and retirement

      -a three bedroom condo(counting room I turned into gym/computer room

      -car thats paid for, runs well, gets good gas mileage

      -friends, family and a girlfriend that loves me

      -common sense

      -and the ability to make fun of someone without just making things up.........Hot Chicks......what a fucking dork

    • Dude, while your busy with your boyfriend learning new ways to make pasta. I was getting my college degree. I am a hunter and a fisherman. People like me wore down the same paths you now hike thru and then turn around and act like you own. I have been paying thousands of dollars per year to hunt in those outdoors. I control diseased populations of wildlife and then what happens, once the diseased animals are gone, they turn the area into a park and we can't hunt there anymore. You aren't an outdoorsmen, your just posing down the paths real men created......don't forget your harness

    • Heeb, you are correct. It is spelled moron. Great use of your red pen.

    • i think it is spelled moron

    • If you can't tell the difference between your limp wristed, granola eating, treehugging, assless pink leather chap wearin, three dollar bill gay ass, and hand to hand combat...you really are dumb
      p.s. you writing "hot chicks" as an interest is what got this whole thing started
      you remind me of the bartender from Out Cold that wouldn't come out of the closet....sorry, just callin it how I see it

    • Flossin, Have you seen your own yahoo page recently? You actually put a pic of you ass drillin some dude in the sweaty man cage up for all to see? Wow, talk about ballsy! I mean, I can't believe you would even open your mouth after posting that...well, other than to let some other cage boy put something in it for you. That is not boxing, its gay porn.

    • Flossin, have you looked at your own pics lately? You have actually posted one of you ass drillin some guy with his legs over your shoulder in the sweaty man cage? Wow, I can't believe you are even opening your mouth. Well, actually, I can, and you must be waiting for Kurt to put something inside it!

    • LOL, tree hugger? Well, this clearly shows your education (or lack of it), as you think that just because someone love the outdoors as opposed to sweating all over another man inside of a locked cage, remember it is those people who do venture into that place known as "outside" that ended up creating this world you live in. But, then again, as I think about it, the outside is not too far from the front door of your trailor, even if it is to a front row view of Kurts BBQ on the other side of your park. Dude, sweating all over another man in a cage is not being an athlete and that is not a sport, its gay porn! You go, sportO!

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