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  • Stormshadow Stormshadow Apr 10, 2008 7:33 PM Flag

    All You Cake Eaters Took Tiger...... Suckers!!!

    Tiger is not going to win the Masters. Too much pressure when the media and zombie fans say no one can beat him. Plus, his asshole of a caddie Steve Williams is bad luck. Somebody needs to take a 4 iron to that d***heads noggin'. Take that mate!

    I totally would have taken the field against Tiger this week. Give him is due though. He's easily going to win the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. I mean the USGA practically gave him that one.

    But until he beats Jack's 17 majors, The Golden Bear is still the best! He played against better competition and inferior equipment. You can't argue against that.

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    • The fields that tiger plays now are way better, you just see it that way because tiger is so good and everyone including you takes for granted that he is the best golfer to ever play the game. Also give the other guys credit, vj, phil, furyk, els, and goosen are going to go down and some of the best to ever play the game. Can you imagine how many more tournys and majors these guys and more would have won in another era? I give the bear his due credit but tiger has taken every part of the game to a new level. His mental toughness and fitness sets him apart from anyone or any era in golfs history. Maybe there is a kid out there that will be better than him and break his records but the facts and stats are what they are and when he leaves the game no one can argue against the scores and stats he will stamp on the game.

    • kevin, you're an idiot....

    • He may be attempting to be funny in an over-the-top-dramatic kind of way, but he brings to light a pretty relevant issue here. 2/3 of people on Yahoo Golf simply select Woods every tournament he plays, without any regard for what they might do when he tees it up in his 11th stroke play event of the year. Then, these oozing-with-originality players scan thru Vara's picks, the ESPN expert picks, and PGATour.com expert picks, and pull out their other 7 names. It's embarrassing. Why would people join fantasy sports and then play utilizing 0 of their own thought?

    • Yo dude Nicklaus actually has eighteen majors to his resume. Also, Torrey Pines will not play like it does in the Spring time. Totally different course when it comes to landing spots and bail out areas. Yes tiger will have a huge advantage, but if he's in the rough all day who knows.

    • Kevin...Here's the finish...1. Tiger 2. Allenby 3. Mickelson. Jack might be your guy, but nobody's gonna beat Tiger out his fifth Masters...


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